Diet Soda Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia and Stroke, Study Finds

Drinking diet soda and other artificially sweetened drinks increases your risk of dementia and stroke, according to a study published in Stroke, the American Heart Association's journal.

Researchers tracked more than 4,000 participants and determined their beverage intake through a food-frequency questionnaires and health examinations between 1991 and 2001. The scientists then tracked their health over the next 10 years and found 97 cases of stroke and 81 cases of dementia. The study discovered those people who reported drinking at least one artificially sweetened drink a day, as compared to less than one a week, were 2.96 times more likely to have a stroke and 2.89 times more likely to have Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers say sugar-sweetened beverages were not associated with stroke or dementia.