Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Hold Comfortable Leads In New Hampshire Polls

The New Hampshire primary is hours away and the latest UMass 7 News poll has Donald Trump sitting on top with 34%. The fight for second has gotten tighter with Marco Rubio sharing second place with Ted Cruz at 13%, and John Kasich sharing third place with Jeb Bush with 10%. With those four candidates seeing a surge in their support all jockeying for the apparent second place spot and a CNN poll saying thirty percent of likely Republican voters are undecided the Granite state could yield some surprises. Even Trump’s lead may not be concrete as we saw in Iowa. 

For the Democrats Bernie Sanders continues to lead Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by 16%. Clinton’s campaign appears to be pushing into overdrive as she busses support in to ramp up her coverage of the state. The Clinton’s are no strangers to victories in New Hampshire yet hardly any polls reflect a lead on Hillary’s part. Sanders, in light of his double digit leads, still thinks it will be a close race.

Who Won Tonight's New Hampshire Republican Debate? (Poll)

Who Won Tonight's New Hampshire Republican Debate?   

Who Won Tonight's Republican Debate? free polls

With the New Hampshire primary just days away Republican candidates held their final debate Saturday night. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Dr. Ben Carson all attempted to sway New Hampshire voters while discussing a wide array of topics. National Security, Foreign Policy, Jobs, The Economy, Abortion and many other topics were part of tonights questions from the ABC News moderators. The New Hampshire Primary will be held February 9th.