Donald Trump Wins The Indiana Primary

Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary taking all 57 delegates and bringing his count well over one thousand.

Looking ahead, California’s primary on June 7th has the biggest delegate count left with 172 divided proportionally. A new KABC Survey USA poll for California has Donald Trump leading with 54 percent, Ted Cruz with 27 percent, and John Kasich with 16 percent.

On the democrat side, California’s primary on June 7th has the biggest delegate count left with 546. A new KABC Survey USA poll for California has Hillary Clinton leading with 57 percent to Bernie Sanders 38 percent.

ISIS Attack Kills US Navy SEAL In Iraq

The Pentagon has confirmed today that a Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq by ISIS fire, north of Mosul. This is the third combat casualty for US troops since the redeployment of forces to Iraq in 2014 to combat ISIS. The name of the SEAL has yet to be released till next of kin is notified.

The SEAL was allegedly an adviser to Kurdish Peshmerga forces that are combating ISIS and died during an assault that occurred behind the forward line of troops.  ISIS allegedly used truck bomb to break through the lines. According to US officials, their response was with F15s and drones, dropping over twenty bombs. ISIS allegedly used truck bomb to break through the lines.

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Lead Indiana Polls

Indiana votes tomorrow in their primary with 92 delegates up for grabs for the Democrats and 57 winner take all delegates for the Republicans.

An NBC Wall street journal poll released this weekend has Donald Trump in the lead with 49 percent, Ted Cruz with 34 percent, and John Kasich with 13 percent. For the Democrats, the poll has Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders 50 percent to 46 percent.

Investors Business Daily released the most recent nomination poll for the nation. The Republicans have Donald Trump in front with 48 percent, Ted Cruz follows with 29 percent, and the John Kasich with 16 percent. The Democrats have Hillary Clinton with 49 percent and Bernie Sanders with 43 percent.

For the rest of the month, primaries will be taking place in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Nebraska, and Washington.

US Cruise Ship Makes Historic Arrival In Havana, Cuba

A historic docking today as the Adonia’s arrival in Havana is the first cruise ship in nearly 40 years to make the trip from the US. The Carnival Cruise line ship is expected to make the trip twice a month from Miami to Havana and more than a dozen more cruise liners making trips is expected to bring tens of millions of dollars to Cuba, possibly 80 million dollars a year.

US tourism to Cuba was booming before the Cuban revolution in 1959 and ended entirely after Castro overthrew the US-backed government there.

The current Cuban government sees the cruise ships as a good source of revenue that does not add pressure to the country’s food supplies or hotels.

The Adonia’s trip will visit three Cuban cities: Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba with activities on board highlighting Cuban culture.

Hospital In Syria Destroyed By Airstrike Killing At Least 27 People

A hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders in a rebel-held area in the Syrian City of Aleppo has been destroyed by airstrikes, killing at least 14 patients and staff. It is not clear who carried out the airstrikes. A second strike killed at least twenty more people. The hospital was crucial for the area, since it contained an emergency room, and intensive care unit, and an operating theater.

Violence in Syria has been worsening as of late, and it is unraveling the cease-fire agreement made between the US and Russia in February in order to jump-start peace talks. A victory in mostly rebel-held Aleppo would be huge for the Syrian government, which may be why the city, once Syria’s largest commercial center, has been targeted and is now developing into a humanitarian disaster.

According to the UN, in recent days, an average of one Syrian is killed every 25 minutes while one is wounded every 13.