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On Point, the weekly legal affairs talk show on LBN and Voice America TV

In this initial edition of On Point, the Legal Broadcast Network demonstrates for viewers the capacity to run a full 30 minute radio talk show on the Voice America Network, all while the camera's are running so that a TV show can also be syndicated into powerful 10 minute segments with commercial inserts, broad SEO and social marketing syndication and explosive metrics for views.

This legal affairs show covers a broad range of topics, is geared toward lawyers and consumers and features Jan Schlichtmann, the Civil Action Attorney and Mark Wahlstrom, the Chairman of The Legal Broadcast Network.

This merging of the Live Talk Radio experience of Voice America and the video syndication and distribution to social networks is the future for the online broadcaster and professional looking to leverage their knowledge to both existing and potential clients.


Jeff Spenard, President of Voice America TV

In this featured interview, Jeff Spenard of Voice America TV and Mark Wahlstrom, the Chairman of The Legal Broadcast Network get together in studio to announce the pending partnership between their two organizations to leverage the mutual expertise of two of the nations leading online broadcasters.

Jeff Spenard is well known to anyone who has participated in or is looking to build a true online talk radio broadcast platform. His over 20 years of experience in broadcasting and innovative technology has led to the launch of his latest venture, Voice America TV.

Mark Wahlstrom, Chairman of The Legal Broadcast Network, has over the last 6 years built one of the nations most powerful video broadcast and social media and SEO platforms in the United States. As this video interview indicates, the partnership between these two unique firms, both based in Arizona with their own state of the art studios, can now provide unmatched live broadcast, TV quality streaming, social media and video syndication and SEO results unlike anything offered by any other new media entity.

Be watching this new partnership as it grows!