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Current Channels and others in development on The Legal Broadcast Network

Some of the Current Channels on The Legal Broadcast Network include:

Speaking of Settlements: The home of The Settlement Channel and Mark Wahlstrom. A weekly discussion with industry leaders in structured settlements, trust work, tax law, insurance and litigation. No where else on the internet is there a forum open to settlement, legal and other experts engaged in the issues surrounding litigation and settlement strategies like Speaking of Settlements. If you have a topic or a story you want covered, contact the show or studio staff and arrange to be part of Speaking of Settlements.


Voices of the Law: The lawyer to lawyer video broadcast hosted by Attorney Jan Schlichtmann. Weekly conversations with lawyers from around the country on topics of interest to lawyers in all areas of practice. No where else on the internet or traditional broadcast media does a show like this exist where lawyers can gather to discuss their cases, recent rulings, pending legislation and other matters crucial to the practice of law. Tired of class room lectures and eager to just talk Lawyer to Lawyer? Then join the show, call Jan and be one of the Voices of the Law.

The Tax Law Channel: The Tax Law Channel is hosted by Attorney Robert W. Wood and sponsored by ATG Trust Company. A weekly review of the tax issues, rulings and news that impacts trial lawyers, claims organizations, tax lawyers, insurance companies and settlement professionals. Robert Wood is one of the nations acknowledged experts in tax law as it pertains to settlements, taxable damages and 468b settlement funds and his commentary and advice is some of the most sought out in the country.


The Factoring Channel: Hosted by Matt Bracy, General counsel of Settlement Capital, one of the nations leading experts on matters of law surrounding factoring and cash flow purchasers. A weekly discussion on news, information and ideas on how lawyers, courts and settlement professionals can best handle their clients desire to factor or sell an annuity or structured settlement if that is their desired course of action. Cut through the sales hype and misleading "Cash now" claims and instead talk to one of the nations true professionals and learn what the options are and what the law allows.

The Legal Finance and Management Channel: A hosted program featuring Michael Blum, CEO of Law Finance and one of the nations leading experts in the area of financing a law practice, funding litigation and law firm financial management. Weekly commentary and practice management tips and ideas on how to prudently and properly finance your law firm and litigation.



The Summit Settlements Channel: A show featuring Stan and Chris Harlan, the founders and owners of Summit Settlements, one of the nations largest structured settlement firms. This show features brokers and experts from around the country discussing issues of importance to trial lawyers, claims organizations and settlement professionals engaged in using structured settlements to resolve complex casualty claims and personal injuries.


Speaking of Justice: Speaking of Justice is the daily featured broadcast of The Legal Broadcast Network and is hosted by Scott Drake, the Voice of the Network. Each day Scott interviews and talks with the news makers in law, education, politics and opinion to discuss the news and ideas that shape the world we live in. Tune in daily to hear who was on Speaking of Justice that day. Neither left, right or libertarian, but a show that is focused on the fight for justice, access to the courts and committed to the fundamental rights of all American's to seek redress in the courts.

The Arizona Law Channel  is sponsored and hosted by Charles Brewer. The Charles M. Brewer, Ltd, law firm is one of the premier personal injury law firms in the state of Arizona and in the Southwestern, US. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Charles M. Brewer founded his firm in the summer of 1960 as a sole practitioner specializing in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Over the past 45 years, Charles Brewer has vastly changed and contributed to Arizona law regarding personal injury claims. His success has transformed the way that many companies conduct themselves, including many legislative changes.


Justicia Para Todos is the LB Network's bilingual Hispanic Law Channel hosted by Angel Reyes III.  Justicia Para Todos covers legal issues of interest to the the country's Hispanic Community. Angel is partner with Reyes Bartolomei Browne in Dallas, Texas. Reyes Bartolomei Browne is a business litigation and personal injury law firm, based in Dallas, Texas. We have worked with executives, business owners, and individuals to try over 300 cases to a jury verdict.


The Settlement Planning Channel hosted by Les Marsh. Marsh and Associates is one of the Nations Leading Structured Settlement planning firms, partnered with and networked all over the United States and bringing you the best possible information on planning your settlement proceeds. 

RMAC, 300 Central Ave Ste 610, Great Falls, MT 59401-3101 (406) 761-4957  [email protected]



 New Channels in development on The Legal Broadcast Network

Here on the Legal Broadcast Network we are constantly developing or introducing new channels. Our newest channels and commentators that are currently in development are:

  • Women and the Law
  • The Maritime Law Channel
  • The Criminal Law Channel
  • The Mass Tort Channel

Keep watching the Legal Broadcast Network for additional commentary or call us if you have a channel you'd like to suggest or launch with us!