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Glaxo and Celebrity Endorsers

Dr. Drew Pinsky, celebrity physician, has received six figures to talk up Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant drug, as a libido booster, something the FDA says is an off-label use of the drug. Source: the government has found no wrongdoing with him, notable plaintiff attorney Jan Schlichtmann says it is time for the country to start dealing with the corrupt process in which drug companies market their products from a policy standpoint.

The $3 billion fraud settlement case against Glaxo Smith Klein, makers of Wellbutrin, brings out the same repeated conduct by drug companies. Glaxo had manipulated test data to hide the truth that there is a tendency of these anti-depressant drugs to induce suicidal ideations to its users.   

When companies pay doctors and scientists to market their drugs, it becomes a corrupt process, according to Jan Schlichtmann .  In turn, the medical professionals see their income as dependent upon the money they receive from the drug company.  "This type of corrupt behavior needs to be stopped, " says Jan.

Jan Schlichtmann is one of the nation's most well-known civil action attorneys, most notably with his work on the Woburn City water supply case.  Visit for more information on Jan Schlichtmann and, where he is a featured legal commentator.

For more information on the Glaxo settlement case, you can read the New York Times article here.


FDA to Regulate Tobacco

The Senate overwhelmingly passed historic legislation last week that puts the tobacco industry under the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.

In this video, Scott Drake interviews Florida personal injury lawyer JB Harris. JB Harris is currently suing Big Tobacco in Florida on behalf of 155 individuals or their families for smoking related illness and death caused by addiction to nicotine.

Companies are weighing the impact of the bill, which they say also puts severe, perhaps unconstitutional, restrictions on advertising and packaging. Those limits, they worry, could undo business plans based on smokeless tobacco products, which they have been developing in anticipation of this day -- even as they were fighting to derail the legislation.

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Hydroxycut Lawsuits

Mark Zamora and Joey James have filed a State Court Hydroxycut lawsuit against the makers, suppliers, distributors, and sellers of Hydroxycut. It's not a class action, but an individual lawsuit.

(WebMD) Fourteen Hydroxycut products, marketed as fat burners, low-cost diet aids, and energy enhancers, are being recalled voluntarily by the manufacturer after the FDA received 23 reports of serious liver injuries ranging from jaundice to death.


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