Hillary Clinton's Emails: What Was In The FBI Document Release?

In accordance with the Freedom of Information act, the FBI has released their report on the year long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, as reported by CNN. The release includes details on the on the steps that investigators took to make their decision not to press charges and a summary of her July interview with the FBI.

During her meeting with the FBI, the former Secretary of State claimed nearly 40 times to not recall or remember elements of the process for dealing with classified information. It is further revealed that she allegedly trusted aides and those emailing her to understand what was suitable to send when it came to classified materials so she had no reason to think the emails in her personal server to be inappropriate. It has been revealed some of these classified emails were regarding the drone program and future drone strikes to which Clinton allegedly felt the information classification depended on the context. Although there is no proof of a successful hack on her server there were document attempts.

In one instance regarding classified materials, Clinton asked an aide to remove the official header and classification markings before sending it to her over a nonsecure method. She claims she was directing the aid to create talking points.

One of the biggest reveals in the report was a moment in March of last year, weeks after the New York Times first reported Clinton’s private email use, a person whose name has been redacted deleted the Clinton archive mailbox. This person was ordered previously to have emails deleted after 60 days on Clinton’s server, but the setting was never in place and the individual realized the inaction that March. Clinton told the FBI she was not aware of the mass deletion.

The report also details Clinton using multiple black berry phones, upgrading to newer models then resorting back to older ones due to familiarity. Aids are quoted in the report to destroying old devices, some instances with a hammer. Clinton’s use of a personal blackberry within her office was also reported although her office was within a Sensitive compartmented Information Facility where mobile devices are prohibited.

Although the many reveals in the report seem to fuel critics of Hillary Clinton, specifically Republicans, her campaign says they are pleased by the release, admitting the mistake of her use of the email account and believing the report shows why there was no basis to move forward with charges.