Poll: Who Won Tonight's Presidential Debate?

Who Won Tonight's Presidential Debate?
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
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Tonight was the first of three presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This first debate covered topics from the economy, race relations, and trade deals. Let us know who you thought won tonight's debate and do you think it will change some of the poll results?

Here are some of the recent poll results...

The Economist’s poll is closer with Clinton ahead of Trump by 2 points but for the Reuters poll the candidates are tied at 39 percent.

CNN polled the major swing states of Florida and Ohio and found in Florida Donald Trump on top by 3 points with 47 percent, then Hillary Clinton with 44 percent, followed by Gary Johnson with 6 and Jill Stein with 1. In Ohio, CNN found Trump ahead by 5 points with 46 percent, Clinton with 41 percent, Johnson at 8 and Stein at 2.

Bloomberg also polled Ohio and found similar results with Trump on top by 5 percent.