Donald Trump Takes Lead In Swing State Polls

Lots of new polls were released today revealing a tightening landscape between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and some notable swing states are in question as well.

For the general election, Quinnipiac found Clinton ahead by 5 points while an LA Times poll has the opposite, Trump leading by 5 points. The Economist’s poll is closer with Clinton ahead of Trump by 2 points but for the Reuters poll the candidates are tied at 39 percent.

CNN polled the major swing states of Florida and Ohio and found in Florida Donald Trump on top by 3 points with 47 percent, then Hillary Clinton with 44 percent, followed by Gary Johnson with 6 and Jill Stein with 1. In Ohio, CNN found Trump ahead by 5 points with 46 percent, Clinton with 41 percent, Johnson at 8 and Stein at 2.

Bloomberg also polled Ohio and found similar results with Trump on top by 5 percent.

Among other states polled Clinton is up by 26 points in Massachusetts and up 3 in Maine while Trump is on top of South Carolina by 15 points, another Maine poll found him ahead by 10 points, and in Kansas he leads by 12 points.