Hillary Clinton Ahead Of Donald Trump In Latest Polls

Now that both conventions have wrapped up lets see what the latest polls are saying about the 2016 presidential candidates.

The Economist’s latest general election poll has Hillary Clinton leading 46 percent to Donald Trump’s 43 percent. When third party candidates are included, the Economist found Clinton with 41 percent, Trump with 36 percent, followed by Gary Johnson’s 8 percent and Jill Stein with 4 percent.

NBC News found in their latest poll Hillary Clinton ahead 8 points, 50 percent to 42 percent for Donald Trump. Including third party candidates, Clinton still leads with 42 percent, followed by Trump at 38 percent, Johnson with 9 percent, and Jill Stein’s 4 percent.

CBS News polled earlier this week and found Hillary Clinton on top with 47 percent to Donald Trump’s 41 percent. While CNN found Clinton with 52 percent to Trump’s 43 percent, the widest margin in recent polling.

Clinton looks to have benefitted from the Democratic Convention while it appears Trump’s convention bounce is over. While both candidates have their own scandals to deal with, the polling seems to show Clinton with the current upper hand, with Trump only besting her in polls from Georgia and Oklahoma, according to Real Clear Politics.