US Launches Airstrikes On ISIS In Libya

In response to requests to help push ISIS militants from their stronghold in Sirte, Libya, the US have started a bombing campaign in the country this week. Since the Islamic State seized the city last year it has been one of the more prominent bases for the terror group outside of Syria and Iraq. The Pentagon reports that Monday’s strike targeted a tank location and two ISIS vehicles that posed a threat to Libya’s GNA forces. Reuters reports that the GNA or Government of National Accord, is a UN-mediated deal from last year which was met to end the conflict between two rival governments in the country.

Western powers have offered support to the GNA as it fights the Islamic State and to revive Libya’s oil production. Forces in Libya have been able to recapture territory around Sirte but even Libyan fighter jets lack the weapons and technology for precise strikes.

The last acknowledged airstrikes by the US in Libya were in February, according to Reuters.