Donald Trump Takes Lead Over Hillary Clinton In Latest Polls

The Republicans nominated Donald Trump last week while the Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton this week making the race officially on. With the Democratic Convention finishing up lets see what the polls are saying after the Republican Convention.

The latest poll is from Rasmussen Reports which has Clinton on top by one point over Trump 43 to 42 percent.

The LA Times and USC released a poll this week which had Trump with 47 percent and Clinton with 40 percent.

Earlier in the week CNN’s poll had Trump on top by 3 points, 48 to Clinton’s 45 percent and CBS News had Trump besting Clinton by only 1 point, 44 to 43.

On the other, hand the Economist’s poll released this week  has Clinton up 5 points over Trump, 47 to 42 while NBC News’ poll found Clinton in the lead by only 1 point, 46 to 45 percent.

The conventions seem to give their candidate a boost, we will have to see how the Democratic Convention fares for Hillary Clinton’s numbers as the march to November kicks off.