Turkish Military Attempts Coup Against Government

Numerous news outlets are reporting an alleged military coup taking place in Turkey tonight. Reports of gunfire and military aircraft flying over the capital were met with an announcement by the Turkish Prime Minister that security forces were allegedly attempting to resolve the situation. He also stated that those responsible for the coup would pay the highest price.

Other reports have the Turkish Military successfully taking over with soldiers allegedly entering the Turkish state broadcasting buildings and blocking two major bridges in Istanbul. The Guardian is reporting that soldiers have entered the building of the ruling AK party and asked everyone to leave, according to the head of the Istanbul branch of the party.

A broadcast allegedly written by the military has declared a curfew across Turkey, all airports were closed, and that a new constitution for the country was promised. The claim is that democracy and the secular rule of law had been undermined. The Turkish president is out of the country on holiday currently and is allegedly safe.

Both France and the United States have issued warnings to their citizens in the country as anxious Turkish civilians crowd ATM machines to withdraw money.

As civilians begin to fill the streets creating a chaotic scene, both the military coup and the Turkish government are claiming to be in control.