Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Lead In California Polls

With Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders winning Wisconsin, both races to the 2016 nominations are getting tighter. Let's see what new polls are saying.

April 26th is another super Tuesday, with voting happening in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. A Quinnipiac poll was released today for Pennsylvania. The Republicans have Donald Trump on top with 39 percent, Ted Cruz with 30 percent, and John Kasich with 24 percent. For the Democrats, that Pennsylvania poll has Hillary Clinton first with 50 percent followed by Bernie Sanders with 44 percent.

Although California doesn’t vote until the first week of June, its giant stake of delegates for both parties makes it all that more significant. A SurveyUSA poll released yesterday for the Golden State has Donald Trump leading with 40 percent, Ted Cruz has 35 percent, and John Kasich with 20 percent. For the Democrats, that poll has Hillary Clinton in the lead with 53 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 39 per cent.

A McClatchy/Marist poll for the nominations was released today, this poll has Donald Trump in the lead for the Republican nomination with 40 percent, followed by Ted Cruz with 35 percent, and John Kasich with 20 percent. Bernie Sanders takes the lead in this poll with 49 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 47 percent.

Wyoming will be holding their Caucus for the Democratic party on April ninth followed by the big New York primary on April nineteenth.