Poll: Who Won Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate?

Respond to our poll below to let us know who you think won the first vice president debate.

Who Won Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate?
Mike Pence
Tim Kaine
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Governor of Indiana Mike Pence and Junior Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine faced off Tuesday night in the first Vice Presidential debate. CBS News correspondent and CBSN anchor Elaine Quijano moderated the 90-minute debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

The debate was divided into 9 timed segments of about 10 minutes each touching on subjects from the economy to foreign policy.

Recent polls have Hillary Clinton getting a small bump after the first presidential debate. Was Tim Kaine's performance enough to help expand on the current lead for Clinton? Or did the debating of Mike Pence give Donald Trump a bump in the up and coming polls? Time will tell but you have a chance to give us your opinion by voting in our poll above.