5 Tips on How to Lose Weight

You've tried the pills, the cleanse, the sugar free cookies, but here are 5 simple lifestyle changes that can not only make your happier, but healthier, according to FamilyShare.

One - Go to bed early and rise early

Researchers found a commitment to a regular sleep schedule led to lower body fat.

If you sleep better, you'll have the motivation and energy to tackle the day and make healthy decisions.

Two - Stop eating once you start to feel full

Stop watching TV while you're eating and just focus on the meal!

If you eat without distractions, you'll stop eating as much. Simple, right?

Three - Throw it away

Go through your pantry, your fridge, wherever you keep your stash of snacks and get rid of all the unhealthy food.

Replace the food with healthy options -- that way when you're hungry you'll have no choice but to grab food that'll keep the weight off.

Four - Stop comparing yourself to others!

You won't be able to stay motivated if you're constantly trying to be like someone else.

Everyone has a different weight loss journey.

Be you and lose weight on your time.

Five - Find your motivation

Find a way to stick to your goals.

Don't tell yourself you want to lose weight so that you can fit into a certain size or hit a certain number on the scale.

Try telling yourself you want to lose weight to be able to keep up with your kids, or have the energy to go on trip you've wanted to go on for years.