SEC bulletin on structured settlement and pension income streams

In this video repost from 2013, two of LBN's featured commentators, Mark Wahlstrom and Matt Bracy look into a then recent bulletin issued by the SEC warning investors to carefully vet a new class of investment options being offered, specifically those tied to secondary purchase of structured settlement or pension cash flows. 

This new market, which as the SEC guidance points out, is thinly regulated and comes with risks for buyers who may not quite understand ownership rights, design and pricing and other elements necessary to making a decision.  However, as Matt Bracy discusses, the SEC notice and advice seems to miss much of the point on exactly what the concern is and to confuse certain elements of the transaction with other types of structured settlement options, making the advice in the bulletin read more like an anti-structured settlement discussion then a look at the decision by investors to purchase after market annuity income streams. 

This video looks at the diverse issues, reviews the SEC warning and looks ahead to what may be in store for this expanding market. You can learn more about Mark Wahlstrom by visiting his web page at Wahlstrom & Associates.