Buying structured settlement income streams, legal issues and risks raised by SEC bulletin

In part three of our series examine the SEC and FINRA bulletin regarding structured income streams and investor risks, we are joined again by Attorney Matt Bracy of the law firm, Nesbitt, Vassar and McCown of Dallas, TX.  

While much of the SEC alert discussed the issue of factoring, or selling a clients periodic payments/structured settlement income stream, the second issue was the risk to investors in these programs. The marketing of secondary income programs, backed up by structured settlement annuity income streams, is a recent phenomenon in the financial marketplace and obviously has drawn some scrutiny from regulators as to the risks for investors who are interested in purchasing the above market yields they offer. 

Matt Bracy outlines the four key elements that investors in settlement income streams needs to be aware of before agreeing to purchase a program, as well as some of the transaction risk that needs to be considered. The video outlines these in detail but topics such as examining the legal order, making sure it complies with state and federal laws governing income transfers, questions about who is actually mailing you the check each month and the financial security of the original annuity issuer are all covered in this important conversation.  

You can also read Attorney Bracy's extensive review on the SEC investor bulletin on structured settlement income issues by going to The Factoring Channel as well.