Lex Innova Consulting Legal Rainmakers Virtual Symposium - Julie Fleming

Julie Fleming with Lex Innova Consulting discusses the Legal Rainmakers Virtual Symposium June 24-28 2013.

Julie has assembled an array of speakers to address essential topics:
  • How to maximize your web presence and to generate content that will increase your reach and grow your credibility with Legal Broadcast Network's Mark Wahlstrom June 24.
  • How to choose and use the right technology to be more productive so your business development activity.
  • How to network with the right people so you can bring in new business.
  • How to improve your communications using improvisational techniques, so your rainmaking conversations are more effective.
  • How to use video marketing that’s persuasive and professional, not cheesy.

Julie Fleming Tells LBN ..."Many lawyers finish law school and know how to practice law but don't know how to run a small business or how to get clients."

Posted on June 24, 2013 .