Woman Sues Fox After Husband's Televised Suicide, With Joel Robbins, Lawyer, Phoenix, Arizona

After watching their father commit suicide on television and the internet, the family is now suing Fox News, who broadcast the footage.  Joel Robbins, attorney with Robbins and Curtin in Phoenix, Arizona, says that there's an obligation to the public to stop showing grotesque things that have no news value, especially when they can be talked about rather than shown.

Robbins, who is representing the family in this case, says that the children learned of a man committing suicide on television while at school.  When they got home, they looked online and saw for the first time that it was their own father in the video. 

Shephard Smith came off well in that he apologized, as he knew that what had happened shouldn't have, says Robbins, but says that they are seeking to punish Fox News, for putting it on the air in the first place.  "They should have kept it off and have now caused damage to these children," Robbins says.  Having it broadcast and available on the internet forever "puts it to a level that we believe is significant," he adds.

Joel Robbins is with Robbins and Curtin, a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.  Robbins spoke with The Legal Broadcast Network, providing online, on-demand, legal video content.