How Sets Itself Apart


The Legal Broadcast Network spoke with the CEO of, an online legal document filing service that helps attorneys and consumers file legal paperwork to save time.  A law school graduate, founder and CEO Nellie Akalp has always had a sincere passion in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners.  A few years after selling her first company,, Akalp created, to act as a silent fulfillment partner for attorneys and accountants.Source: can do anything from A to Z and can start any type of corporation in all 50 states.  Once an account is set up, assigns you to a client relations specialist and all of your information is logged into their database. takes care of all the headaches and paperwork.

Contrary to what you might think, is not in competition with attorneys, says Akalp. works side by side with them and in fact, makes the attorneys look much more reputable in front of their client because they are passing along the savings to their client, as they would no longer be charging for those huge hourly rates.  By having do the paperwork and legwork for them, they can focus on what the client really needs, which is legal advice.

By catering to small business, has found a niche in the online legal document world.  Branding herself as a legal expert and working mom, Akalp says is a "small business helping small business and we are a team of real people."  She adds that "hands down," provides the best email and phone support in the industry by providing personal, high-level service.

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