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    Annuity News Now--Stock indexes surge, Bush tax cuts, recession effects retirement mindset, Vanguard online annuity service

    U.S. stocks kicked off the week with benchmark indexes rallying to the highest levels in a month, as surging Chinese output and a forecast for faster growth in Europe boosted confidence in the economy. Banks jumped as regulators gave firms more time than expected to meet capital requirements. 

    The House Republican leader on Sunday suggested he may be willing to concede to Democrats who want to let the Bush tax cuts lapse for the wealthiest Americans, but the Senate Republican leader today said he is standing his ground.

    A New Retirement Mindscape II (SM) study has uncovered interesting information about how the attitudinal and behavioral stages of retirement have altered

    -- According to the harris study the new stages of retirement clearly reflect the substantial emotional impact of the recession.

    Vanguard has launched an online service enabling investors to compare and buy annuity product offerings from a number of insurance companies.

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