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Brook Hollow's BJ Etscheid "New, Branded, Non Qualified Funding Attorney Fee Program"

Scott Drake interviews BJ Etscheid of Brook Hollow Financial in Chicago.

BJ talks about the firm's new attorney fee program, which is a significant and exciting addition to the structured settlement industry, particularly given capacity concerns at life insurance companies that typically fund structured legal fees. What makes the Brookhollow program unique is that it utilizes the familiar non-qualified assignment process used in most structured legal fees, but builds in an innovative approach to the funding vehicles that provide the payments and returns on the funds allocated to the program.

As interest rates drop on traditional life insurance annuity programs and tax rates rise for the highest earners, there is little question that structured legal fees are going to have increasing interest among trial lawyers and their tax advisors.

Headquartered in the heart of the financial and legal district of Chicago, Brook Hollow Financial is uniquely qualified to leverage the power of existing tax deferral strategies for its clients.

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