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Surrogacy Lawyer Theresa Erickson--Voice America TV

The nations leading legal expert on surrogacy and alternative family creation law is Attorney Theresa Erickson. She has been a long time commentator for The Legal Broadcast Network and you can see her video content by visiting her page here.

However, Theresa has recently launched a weekly radio broadcast with one of our partner firms, VoiceAmerica Radio, with her hour long show streamed live each week over the Voice America platform. Attorney Theresa Erickson

As part of our partnership with Voice America, our studios provide a 10 minute video highlight and broadcast of that weeks guests so if you missed the live stream or broadcast, you can get the highlights of who joined Theresa, how to find links to the topics discussed, but more importantly how to make sure you are part of her weekly live broadcasts on Voice America.

To learn more or to listen to her show each week, click here to go to Attorney Theresa Erickson's Voice America broadcast page and join the discussion with the nations leading expert in the legal aspects of surrogacy and alternative family creation.

Also, if you are an attorney or professional who is looking to not just brand themselves or their firms using video or commentary, but is intrigued by the potential of launching a live radio/TV broadcast, then you need to contact the business development staff at Legal Broadcast Network, or the sales staff at Voice America to learn more. Tell them you saw the Theresa Erickson video and radio broadcast and you want to learn how you can incorporate this amazingly simple and powerful technology into your business development and marketing platform.


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