The Legal Broadcast Network LLC was founded by Jan Schlichtmann, the nationally renowned attorney and advocate for public justice and environmental issues, and Mark Wahlstrom, one of the nation's leading settlement planning professionals and advocate for plaintiffs' rights to representation. The Legal Broadcast Network is based upon a model that is designed to leverage new media tools to reach a very specific, high value audience of lawyers from all over the United States. This narrowcast, on-demand content system utilizes proprietary tools developed by our studio and staff that enable them to work with professionals of all types from around the country, online 24/7, from a central location at the network's Scottsdale, AZ studio. The Network's low cost, highly effective method of reaching both existing customers and those that are searching for information via search engines, is open and available to lawyers of all different specialties and practice type, legal and judicial associations, legal marketing groups, as well as experts who are looking to educate and inform this high-powered, fast moving and demanding audience.

Attorney Jan R. Schlichtmann is one of the country's most notable plaintiff attorneys concentrating in the areas of consumer, environmental, product, and toxic torts and mass tort litigation. Mr. Schlichtmann has received international recognition for his representation in the 1980s of eight  Woburn, Massachusetts families against W.R. Grace and Beatrice Foods for the contamination of the Woburn City water supply. The ground breaking nature of the Woburn case and Attorney Schlichtmann's work in it has been the subject of a number of reports and articles in legal and scientific journals as well as the international bestseller and movie, "A Civil Action."

Jan also founded The Civil Action Center, LLC, a place where he and his associates not only work to help people find the right lawyer for their case or cause, but act as an incubator of ideas for the legal community to provide the best service and innovative practice models for their clients. The Civil Action Center looks to encourage the resolution of legal issues through methods that respect and honor all participants involved in the process. Check out The Civil Action Center by clicking here.

Mark Wahlstrom, co-founder of The Legal Broadcast Network, LLC and the Chairman and CEO of Sequence Media Group, is in many legal circles regarded as the nation's leading expert in the area of structured settlements,settlement planning and mass tort settlement administration through his firm Wahlstrom & Associates.  Through his specialty consulting firm, Mark offers an exclusive focus on the needs of trial lawyers and their clients and he is recognized as a tireless advocate and adviser of trial lawyers nationwide who is committed to supporting the rights of every citizen to access the courts and obtain competent legal counsel and advice. 

Further, in his role as Chairman and CEO of Sequence Media Group, Mark is recognized as one of the leading innovators in the use of video, audio and social media platforms to effectively develop new media networks for a broad group of professionals in law, finance, health, lifestyle and business. His visionary approach to opening the network to commentators around the world has Sequence Media positioned as one of the leading independent media creation and syndication networks in the world.