Debate on Factoring, Part 2

Below is the conclusion of the video debate between Matt Bracy and John Darer.  

"Continued open and honest dialogue is the only way the primary and secondary industries can work together for the greater good of the structured settlement marketplace and injury claimants," said Matt.  

"I don't always agree with John Darer, but I respect him and deeply appreciate his willingness to engage with me on these issues.  I look forward to more dialogue in the future with John and all the leaders of the structured settlement industry."

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Debate on Factoring, Part 1

Representatives from the structured settlement "primary" and "secondary" markets met in the Legal Broadcast Network studios last month to discuss some of the issues that seperate the two sides of the structured settlement world.  

John Darer, structured settlement consultant and frequent commentator on the industry, and Matt Bracy, general counsel of Settlement Capital Corporation and president of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers, have a detailed and sometimes heated discussion of thorny issues like advertising, licensing and factoring industry practices.  

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The Problem With Factoring, Part 5 -- "The Bottom Line"

This is the final segment in the series on common misconceptions and complaints about structured settlement factoring.  Previously posted videos were:

Part 1:  Advertising

Part 2:  Servicing

Part 3:  Discount Rates

Part 4:  Preying on the Weak

This final video is entitled "The Bottom Line" and gives an overview of factoring.  Is it for everyone?  Is it a "ripoff"?  Why all the hatred for factoring?  Watch Matt Bracy of Settlement Capital Corporation discuss these topics and more.


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