Structured legal fees, profile of the John Hancock program

In the first of our 10 part series on structured legal fees, I am profiling the John Hancock structured attorney fee program on today's Speaking of Settlements. As part of this series we will be providing, thanks to the assistance of the marketing staff at John Hancock structured settlements division, links to some of the information on structured legal fees and how they work.

As you will note in this series, I am attempting to outline the key elements of each companies offerings on the video so that trial lawyers, tax attorney's, CPA's and planners can know more about the amazing benefits of structured attorney fees. As this information illustrates it allows attorneys to defer income into future tax years, secure it with top rated companies, obtain competitive returns on the funds while it accumulates and pay for as long as they live, pay to their spouse or even to their partnership. John Hancock Tower, Boston, MA

It is my goal by the end of this series of programs on each of the life markets to drive home to the trial lawyer and tax professionals the importance of using this benefit for retirement and cash flow planning using structured legal fee programs.

The following material is available on these links:

Who do you trust? A brochure on John Hancock.

John Hancock structured legal fees brochures.

If you have questions on this series and you are an attorney or tax professional, feel free to contact Mark Wahlstrom at Wahlstrom & Associates in Scottsdale, AZ.

Posted on February 25, 2010 .