How to lease a Legal Broadcast Network Channel

One of the unique aspects of partnering with The Legal Broadcast Network is the ability you or your firm to create a channel specific to your area of professional expertise, or to lease an existing channel that reaches your target audience of trial lawyers, injury victims, financial professionals or other key demographic groups. 

Video has power, amazing power, with YouTube now firmly established as the #2 search engine after Google, confirming the immediate impact of producing original legal commentary using video. Independent studies confirm that consumers are far more likely to consider your services after they have seen you explaining that service using a video that presents you as a true professional and expert in your field. An investment in a video commentary channel elevates your reputation, increases social media awareness and develops quality professional referrals in a way no other marketing expenditure can match.

On The Legal Broadcast Network you are the news and the impact that has on your clients, associates and potential clients is considerable. Further, that fact that we are a recognized news provider for Google gives you amazing search potential on the stories you develop, providing organic search results and confirming your reputation as an expert in your area of law. Learn more about how to develop your own content and expert channel by contacting Mark Wahlstrom directly. Simply fill out the channel information request form below..

Channels currently Available include:


The Whistle blower Channel

The Tax Litigation Channel

The Asbestos Channel

The Trust Company Channel

The Family Law Channel

The Settlement Planning Channel

The Mass Tort Channel

The Legal Marketing Channel

The Legal Finance Channel

The Legal Technology Channel

The Courtroom Technology Channel


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