Nov 6 Washington DC Demonstration Against Keystone XL Oil Pipline: Guest Elizabeth Shope, NRDC

Environmental activists and concerned citizens wil be encircling the White House in an effort to urge President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. This proposed 2,000 mile pipeline will stretch from Alberta Canada to our Nations Heartland and terminate at the GulfCoast. The payload is tar sands oil from under Canada's Boreal forest home to many unique species of song birds. This highly toxic oil is corrosive to pipes and poses a serious and likely threat to the ecosystem and food producing areas of our country. This is a diverse coalition of laborers, farmers, ranchers, environmentalists and concerned citizens from varied geographic locations such as the Gulf Coast, Appalachia, Vermont and the Nation's Heartland; uniting in this urgently important demonstration and debate. Chief among the organizers is NRDC Founding Director John H. Adams who will be leading a group of NRDC staff members in this effort. Many other groups are expected to join in to send the message to the President. To learn more about the November 6th gathering to Washington, DC to encircle the White House to ask President Obama to reject Keystone XL, visit: