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Jan Schlichtmann-Scarlett Johansson Hacking Raises Legal Questions

The growing propensity for celebrities and others to have their phones hacked is creating increasing alarm among the celebrity and political community as the law needs to keep pace with the growing ability of sophisticated telephone and other devices to record and transmit the most intimate audio and visual content around the Net. Apart from legal concerns generally and an almost certain increase in lawsuits relating to privacy and other issues, the law is able to protect private material that is illegally obtained, the real issue is how to set up effective enforcement measures that will protect celebrities and even perfectly normal people from having their most private lives "hacked." Trial lawyer Jan Schlichtmann discusses what needs to be done so the law can catch up with technology.

Reader Comments (1)

It's hard to cope with technology. It's changing everyday. New inventions almost everyday. We need experts to work on this. This is for all of us. The security and protection of every each of us.
December 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFamily lawyers

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