Country's Longest Operating Solar Facility Celebrates 30th Anniversary: Hosted by Jan Schlichtmann

This historical technological monument was funded and built during the Carter Administration as part of the Photovoltaic Demonstration Project initiative. The country was motivated to find answers to the energy crisis and our dependence on foreign sources. It is the sole remaining facility in operation of the original eight demonstration sites established across the country. During the interview, Lisa Lillelund of Mango Networks, and a Clean Energy Advocate, brings to light the unique history and significance of this solar field located in Beverly, Massachusetts. The park's location was selected due largly from the efforts of a prominent Massachusetts resident and M.I.T scientist, Dr. John Coleman. Over the past several years, a wind turbine and photovoltaic array located on the rooftop of newly built Beverly High School have been added to the mix of sustainable renewable energy. The current combined yield of these solar and wind installations is 193-kilowatts and helps supply the high school with electricity. Beverly High School, which is a green school has been a proving ground for the many of the significant advances over the years which have lead to more efficient output and reduced costs of alternative energy solutions. Fred Hopps, the Director of Greenergy Park, points out that the site was originally conceived and constructed as an experiment on solar energy. "There was an uncertainty as to how this technology would hold up over time. And each year we learn how resilient and reliable solar power can be, not only for homes and businesses but as an industry." For more information about the positive impact of schools going green have on the environment and the economy, follow this link to the article, Beverly High Ranks High Among Green Buildings, by Lisa Lillelund.