Computer Anti-Hacking Law With Guest Attorney Leon Weiss: Host Jan Schlichtmann

Jan Schlichtmann interviews attorney Leon Weiss about the Leon Walker case. Walker is charged with a five-year felony after accessing his wife’s email on a shared computer and using some of the information in their divorce proceedings. High profile cases of computer and phone hacking have made headlines recently. Attorney Weiss has a front row seat as the courts attempt to navigate complex legal issues relating to privacy, intellectual property and the internet. Case Update: The Michigan Court of Appeals in June issued a stay in the computer hacking trial of Leon Walker. Defense attorney Leon Weiss says in issuing the stay of Walker’s trial, the Appeals Court ordered Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson to issue a written opinion of why she denied his motion to dismiss the charge, and took the Oakland County Prosecutor to task. “And the court also said this, quote, “This court concludes that serious questions exist as to whether this felony criminal statute was intended to be applied to domestic relations cases of the sort presented here,” close quote,” said Weiss. Weiss says if the case goes against his client, parents who check their kids’ facebook accounts could be subject to up to five years in prison. The defense attorney says amendments have been introduced to clarify the Michigan Anti-Hacking Law.
Posted on October 26, 2011 .