First 3-Person-Baby Born Using New Method

Scientists say the first three-person baby has been born. The five-month-old boy was treated by a US medical team in Mexico, where the procedure is legal.

The baby was created through a controversial technique that combines DNA from three different people.The technique allows parents with genetic defects to have healthy babies. The boy's Jordanian mother carries Leigh syndrome, a fatal neurological disorder, which is characterized by progressive loss of mental and physical abilities.The condition is responsible for the deaths of the mother's first two children.The "three-parent" technique developed by Dr. John Zhang of New Hope Fertility Clinic in New York, removes the DNA from one of the mother's eggs and inserts it into a donor's egg.

The egg which holds DNA from both the mother and donor is then fertilized with the father's sperm. Zhang created five embryos this way -- only one developed normally. The embryo was implanted in the mother. While some are touting this as a success, those against the procedure say it raises ethical questions, and doctors shouldn't play God.