Scientist Say 'Move Or Postpone' Olympics Due To Zika Virus

The director of the Us Centers for Disease control prevention gave a warning this week that the US must do a good job of fighting mosquitos this season due to the threat of the Zika virus. He is also pushing congress to approve 1.9 billion dollars in prevention funding. According to the director, pika is the first disease proven to cause birth defects in more than 50 years and continued that the narrow window to set up effective pika prevention measures is closing. The Washington post is reporting that Congress, downplaying the risk of waiting, have taken a two-week break without addressing the zika virus and approving the desired funding.

Internationally, ABC News is reporting that a group of 125 prominent doctors, scientists, and health professionals have sent the World Health Organization a letter stating that the Olympics should be moved out of Rio De Janeiro or postponed due to the ongoing outbreak of the Zika virus. Although its individual threat is low, the virus could spell big problems for a whole population considering the birth defects caused by the virus and the group also cites that current mosquito killing programs in Rio were ineffective due to dengue fever infections being high, both are spread by the same mosquitos. Countries, athletes, and journalists all over the world are weighing the risks of participating in the Olympic