Obama Calls For More Zika Funding, Affected Pregnant Women Rates Rise

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published new reports this week regarding the Zika virus in the United States. The report details that 279 pregnant  have shown signs of the virus, 157 in the continental US and 122 in the territories. USA Today is reporting that roughly 6 of the cases have come to term with the babies showing the effects of the virus.

A recent change in how the numbers are reported have inflated the data a bit but authorities are still concerned over the spread. These numbers now include pregnant women who have tested positive for the virus but have not shown symptoms.

The report totals all zika cases in the united states at 544 but since pregnant women are most affected by the disease they are a major focus.

President Obama is meeting with public health officials while the senate and congress have both approved emergency funding totaling 1.1 billion dollars however the administration is seeking 1.9 billion and may veto the house bill.