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Become an LB Network Commentator..... 

The Legal Broadcast Network’s Featured Commentator Program is a high value, cost-effective way of promoting yourself, your law firm or your client attorney as an expert analyst in a particular area of the law. As a Legal Broadcast Network commentator, you’ll have the opportunity to use video, audio and the written word to brand yourself as an expert to the exploding online audience looking for information on all topics and issues in the law.

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Contact Jim Evans 800-924-2734 ext. 22 

[email protected]

Recent Guest Commentators:









Featured Commentators:


Mark Wahlstrom, Structured Settlement Expert


 Atty. Jan Schlichtmann, Enviromental Law


 Atty. Rob Wood, Tax Law


 Atty. Matt Bracy, Factoring Expert


 Atty. Charles Brewer, Personal Injury Law


Atty. Angel Reyes Hispanic Law


 Sean Carter, Law Humorist



John Darer, Structured Settlement Expert

John Keefe, Personal Injury Lawyer


Bradford H. Bernstein, Immigration Lawyer


Jack L. Meligan, CSSC,BCFE


Jeff Wolf, Management Consultant