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The Legal Broadcast Network media platform provides one of the most effective tools for reaching a highly coveted and dynamic marketplace of attorneys, educators, financial and insurance executives and other high net worth demographic groups.

However, unlike other social networking sites or blog platforms, The Legal Broadcast Network is designed to place your advertising next to content that puts your message in context. If your goal is to reach trial lawyers, we have shows and channels uniquely targeted to that group. If your objective is to reach financial and insurance professionals, our niche programing allows you to place advertising where they will see it, hear it or view it.

In short, no other internet media platform gives your organization a more precise and measured tool for reaching the audience that matters to you.

The Legal Broadcast Network currently offers the following advertising options for clients:

1. Banner advertising on our portal or specific channels.

2. In context side bar or skyscraper advertising in blogs, channel pages or social networks.

3. Pre-roll audio advertisement on our podcasts.

4. Pre-roll video advertisement on our video podcasts.

5. TV boxes for your relevant video or TV advertising campaigns or slide shows.

6. Banner or side bar advertising on our weekly email.

7. Inclusion in our branded RSS feeds.

8. Banner and skyscraper advertisements on our professional networking sites.

There are many other options still in development.

If you are interested in advertising on The Legal Broadcast Network  contact Mark Wahlstrom at [email protected] or call  800-924-2734 ext 14