Donald Trump Clinches GOP And Possible Debate With Bernie Sanders

The Associated Press is reporting that Donald Trump has the number of delegates he needs to clinch the Republican nomination without a contested convention. Trump says that “almost everybody” in his party supports him. Trump’s push from unbound delegates is what has reportedly put him over the 1,237 delegate threshold.

Looking towards the final Super Tuesday and California’s monster primary, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were expected to debate in the Golden State until Clinton declined the invitation by Fox News, leaving Sanders“disturbed.” With that development, some hints at a surprise debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been tossed around, with Trump saying he’d be happy to engage Sanders in a debate as long as significant money goes to charity. Sanders replied via Twitter saying “Game on.” 

With Clinton inching closer to the delegate mark and Sanders striking just as hard and continuing to stay very relevant in this election, this debate with Trump could be a tipping point for the Sanders campaign and a hint at a possible big victory in California. 

Baylor Fires Football Coach Art Briles

As Baylor University awaits the report of the investigation regarding the school’s response to alleged sexual assaults by students, specifically Baylor football players, the school has cut ties with head football coach Art Briles and fired him, ESPN reports. Both Briles and the athletic director have been under fire because of complaints that their actions in response to the sexual assaults have been not been enough. ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported that Baylor officials, some from the football team, knew about the assaults and domestic violence accusations against women, but players accused did not miss playing time. 

Briles was head coach for 8 seasons, bringing Baylor back into competition and bowl games, even as he was criticized for recruiting players who were previously dismissed by former schools.

Baylor president Ken Starr’s job is also reportedly on the line as part of this scandal and how the school handled the rape and assault reports, with some reports saying the Baylor Board had voted to terminate him.

Severe Storms and Tornadoes Cause Disruption Throughout Midwest

Massive tornadoes yesterday in Kansas, Colorado, and Texas, coupled with severe flooding, resulted in fatalities in parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas. The severe weather created a "perfect storm" to potentially slow down East-West transit on one of the peak weeks for relocation and moving in the United States. 

The storms in Kansas were a massive cluster of powerful tornado activity, with dual funnel clouds appearing at times. Fortunately, despite the power of the storms and damage they caused, no fatalities were reported, although two people were reported critically injured in the storms. 

The flooding in Oklahoma and Arkansas was equally disruptive and nearly fatal for a Jonesboro boy who was swept into a ditch but found safe blocks away. The national weather service reported almost 6 inches of rain in that region, with more heavy rain possible today as well. In Oklahoma, a fatality was reported after a car was swept into a flood after 5 inches of rain fell north of Oklahoma City. More rain and possible tornado activity are expected today.  

The last week of May and the first week of June are typically major relocation time periods where corporations and employers look to transfer their key employees and executives, so as to minimize disruption for schools, take advantage of larger home inventories and smooth transitions ahead of the summer vacation season. As Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Arkansas all are intersected by either I-70 or I 40, two of the major East-West interstates, it is reasonable to assume that long haul trucking and moving lines will be adversely impacted by this linger weather pattern that most meteorologists expect to last through Memorial Day weekend in the heart of the country. 

If you are planning on traveling this Memorial Day weekend, stay on top of the weather forecasts in those areas. If you have a moving van scheduled to travel that section of the country, it is safe to say you will be looking at some possible delays, so check with your relocation company for details and up-to-date information.

Job Relocation On The Decline For U.S. Workers

In today's NY Times, reporter Patricia Cohen looks at recently published data from several studies indicating that American workers have sharply reduced their mobility and desire to change jobs and transfer over the last 10-15 years. 

The article states that " In recent years, economists have become increasingly worried that a slide in job turnover and relocation rates is undermining the economy's dynamism, damping productivity and wages, while making it more difficult for sidelined workers to find their way back into the job market" 

A soon to be released study by The Brookings Institution and authored by University of Notre Dame economist Abigail Wozniak and other economists, looks into magnitude of this problem and the root causes of this trend, which could soon be a major issue for employers nationwide who rely on moving key executives and promising new talent to different locations, both at home and abroad, to build their managerial experience and prepare them for more senior roles at the company. Among the areas of inquiry is why people are not moving out of what are typically entry level and temporary jobs, preferring to stay where they are, as well as the issue of a decline in social capital, or what use to be referred to as trust in others and confidence in moving to a new area or region and being able to adapt. People simply do not have the same number of family, friends and professional contacts that other generations seemed to have. 

Another interesting finding is that the prevalence of social media is possibly curtailing job opportunities as it has made background checks, determining potential character flaws and other issues employers find questionable, easy to determine by checking social media accounts. This coupled with a fear of moving and job stability seem to have sharply curtailed a willingness to relocate and move up the economic ladder. 

The report, once published should be of key interest to employers, multi-national corporations and to premium corporate relocation experts who look to determine the best means of helping people change jobs, cities and provide transition services for those looking to build their careers. 

Bill Cosby To Stand Trial In 2004 Sexual Assault Case

A Pennsylvania court today held a pretrial hearing in a case against Bill Cosby involving accusations by Andrea Constand. He is facing three counts of felony indecent assault against the employee of Temple University, Cosby’s alma mater. The alleged assault occurred in 2004. According to CNN, the prosecution is relying on a statement Constand gave 11 years ago in which she describes visiting Cosby’s home where she was given pills and wine what made her barely conscious. This was the first public accusation of alleged sexual assault by Cosby, and the police declined to charge him.

Although Cosby and Constand reached a civil settlement in 2006, the criminal case was reopened in response to the other accusers coming forward and a 2005 deposition made by Cosby that was unsealed in recent years.

Cosby denies all allegations and sued Constand in February claiming she violated the terms of the 2006 settlement. His request this week to stay court proceedings was denied by the judge.

The comedian and television star is currently being accused of sexual misconduct by over 50 women.