FDA To Extend Tobacco Regulations To E-cigarettes

For the first time ever the Food and Drug Administration will be regulating electronic cigarettes. In an announcement made by the Obama administration this week, e-cigarettes will not be sold to teenagers under 18, with sweeping new rules that will also affect traditional tobacco products as well.

New rules will compel retailers to check IDs, sales of tobacco products in vending machines accessible to minors are barred, and free samples are also banned. The FDA is also requiring manufacturers whose products went on sale after February 15th, 2007 to get approval to continue selling the product, allowing the agency to examine ingredients, product design and health risks. Companies will be able to sell the products while being reviewed.

While the FDA cites the beliefs that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to traditional tobacco use and that the health effects of the vapor are still unknown as the foundation of their requirements, other health officials disagree, claiming the e-cigarettes are more beneficial than harmful and reduce the use of traditional tobacco.

North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Challenged By Department Of Justice

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that a letter written by the head of the civil rights division of the Justice Department was sent to officials in North Carolina this week, warning that the controversial house bill 2 violates the civil rights of gay and transgender citizens. It also gives state officials a deadline of Monday to confirm the state will not comply with or implement the bill.

House Bill 2, which defines a gender by the sex a person was born as, passed in March in reaction to an extension of an anti-discrimination ordinance which would have allowed transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with.

The letter continues that the bill violates titles nine and seven of the civil rights act, which bars discrimination in education based on sex and bars employers from discriminating.

If the Justice Department’s deadline is not met North Carolina could lose millions in federal school funding.

Donald Trump Becomes Presumptive GOP Nominee With John Kasich Dropping Out

With Ted Cruz suspending his campaign last night and the news of John Kasich dropping out of the race this morning, that leaves Donald Trump as the official presumptive Republican nominee for President.

Trump has been winning in big fashion throughout the primaries and will likely break Republican voting records. As of the last Super Tuesday Trump had completely surpassed the amount of votes Mitt Romney received during the 2012 primaries and with 9 states left to vote. He has received more than 10 million votes so far and is positioned to pass the holder of the current record, George W Bush and his 10.8 million votes in 2000, according to Politico.

There still may be an anti-Trump movement within the Republican party but thwarting 10 million votes and counting may be insurmountable. 

Fort McMurray Fire In Alberta, Canada Forces 80,000 Residents To Flee

A massive wildfire in northern Alberta Canada has the entire population of one city evacuating. Fort McMurray and its over 80,000 residents are fleeing as the fire moved from the outskirts of town into dense subdivisions by Tuesday, destroying at least 2 entire neighborhoods.

The fire is fueled by extreme conditions: very dry forests, high temperatures as Alberta broke a decades-old record hitting 90 degrees this week, as well as winds up to thirty miles an hour.

Engulfing the town, the fire is threatening the city’s infrastructure, specifically the only bridge across the Athabasca River and Highway 63 which is the only way into the city from the south. Airlifts are allegedly being considered as any remaining citizens could become trapped.

Fort McMurray is in the oil sands region of Canada, part of one of the largest oil reserves in the world, but the fire is currently on the south side of the city whereas the oil sands projects are further north of the city.

Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana Primary

Bernie Sanders has pulled the upset and won the Indiana primary.

Looking ahead, California’s primary on June 7th has the biggest delegate count left with 546. A new KABC Survey USA poll for California has Hillary Clinton leading with 57 percent to Bernie Sanders 38 percent.

On the republican side, California’s primary on June 7th has the biggest delegate count left with 172 divided proportionally. A new KABC Survey USA poll for California has Donald Trump leading with 54 percent, Ted Cruz with 27 percent, and John Kasich with 16 percent.