Your Gender, Education, Class Determines Retirement Quality of Life, Study Finds

Your gender, level of education and class during your working life may determine your quality of life in retirement, finds new research from the University of Birmingham.

ScienceDaily reports the study found workers with followed a inconsistent career path were more likely to continue working in retirement. Those who worked in administrative occupations were more likely to stay busy with activities such as helping family and volunteering. According to the study, women in administrative jobs, but were also involved in family networks, said they were more optimistic about retirement due to being able to spend more time with family and friends. In comparison, men who were in semi-skilled careers were worried about identity loss and inactivity in retirement.

The study also found people who had access to significant financial resources early on in their lives were likely to have successful careers, thus leading to a more secure retirement. Those who had long professional careers were more likely to be optimistic and happy in retirement.