Why You Should Volunteer in Retirement

When you’re retired you will inevitably have some extra time on your hands since you’re no longer toiling away 9 to 5. There are so many different ways to fill your days and enjoy your retirement. Volunteering is a great option because you will not only meet new people, but you’ll give back. Here are 4 reasons why you should volunteer in retirement according U.S. News & World Report contributor Tom Sightings.

1) As we just mentioned, retirees have the most opportunity since they have a lot of free time and they’re looking for something to do with those extra hours. The article points out a Merrill Lynch study found while retirees make up less than a third of the population, they account for 45 percent of total volunteering hours in the nation.

2) Retirees have the most money.  Retirees have the lowest poverty rate and the highest amount of savings among all age groups. According to Merrill Lynch retirees’ donations make up 42 percent of all money donated to charity.

3) Volunteering and donating gives retirees a greater purpose in life. According to the article, retirees who are active in charities have stronger self-esteems, lower rates of depression, lower blood pressure and lower mortality rates.

4) It’s a way to make social connections. After work life and with kids out of the house, retirees often miss daily social connections. If you volunteer you’ll find like-minded people who enjoy doing the things you do.