Best Places to Retire Overseas in 2018

If you’re retired and planning for the year ahead or maybe you know someone who wants their retirement money to stretch further in 2018…we’ve got the ultimate list to share with you. The world’s best places to retire in 2018 put together by International Living magazine.

IL combed through all sorts of criteria and facts to produce their Annual Global Retirement Index. From number 10 to the top are they are. #10 is Peru -- chosen for its low-cost of living and vibrant culture. #9 goes to Spain, on the list for its romance, history and charming villages. #8 - Nicaragua, ILcontributors say that’s where you can get the best bang-for-your-buck in Latin America. #7 is Portugal, whichIL editors call Europe’s best retirement haven. Colombia at #6 was chosen because it’s sophisticated and affordable. #5 goes to Malaysia. The positives to moving there is it’s easy, English-speaking and First World. Ecuador at #4 is diverse, unhurried and Metropolitan. #3 Panama -- where it’s friendly, welcoming and there are great benefits. At #2, Mexico offers convenient, exotic, First-World living.

The number one place to retire in 2018 is Costa Rica. IL editors say Costa Rica has a fantastic tropical climate, a low cost of living, top-notch, affordable medical care, bargain real estate, natural beauty and a steadily growing economy. IL says you can rent a furnished two-bedroom home for only $500 a month, or buy an ocean view property for under $200,000.