The Top 10 Places to Retire in 2017

For more than two decades International Living has compiled a list of the top places to retire in the world and for 2017 the United States didn’t make the cut. The criteria for the list includes cost of living, retiree benefits, climate and health care.

Coming in at number ten is Malta. According to International Living, the Mediterranean island offers 300 days of sunshine with a large English-speaking community. Plus, the country has a reasonable cost of living -- a couple can live comfortably for less than $2,700 per month. #9 goes to Portugal.#8 Nicaragua #7 Spain #6 Malaysia #5 Colombia #4 Costa Rica #3 Ecuador #2 Panama. IL says Panamanians are used to and welcome foreigners. Panama’s retiree benefit program gives members discounts from 10 to 50 percent on travel health care, hotels and restaurants.

And coming in at #1 is Mexico. For more than a decade, the country has ranked in the top 10. IL reports over 1 million Americans call the country home. The cost of living is affordable -- with expats telling IL they live well for as little as $1,200 a month. According to IL, Mexico has first-rate hospitals and paying cash at private medical facilities costs a fraction of what it would be in the U.S. In addition, after becoming a legal resident you can apply for retiree benefits. Those over 60 receive discounts on airline and bus tickets, medial care, museum entrance fees, among others.