PETA Settles Lawsuit After Euthanizing Girl's Chihuahua

PETA has settled a lawsuit with a family after they took their 9-year-old girl’s pet Chihuahua and euthanized it. The Associated Press reports the father of the girl said they took his daughter’s Chihuahua from a Virginia mobile home park and alleged PETA ‘considers pet ownership to be a form of involuntary bondage.’

According to the Associated Press, two women affiliated with PETA went to the mobile home park to capture wild dogs and feral cats, but made a mistake when they took the unattended and unleashed Chihuahua, Maya, and euthanized her that day, which violated a state law that requires a 5-day grace period.

PETA will pay the family $49,000 and donate $2,000 to a local SPCA. The family was looking for a $7 million settlement.

According to the Daily Mail, PETA put down more than 1,400 of about 2,000 animals in 2016.