A Total Solar Eclipse is Good for Business

In case you haven’t heard a total solar eclipse will be visible across the U.S. from coast to coast on August 21...and apparently eclipses are good for business.

You’ll be able to see at least a partial eclipse from wherever you’re at, but if you’re lucky you’re located somewhere in what NASA calls the “path of totality,” which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, where you’ll see a total eclipse.

An industry based on the eclipse has sprouted in many of the cities on the path. Madras, Oregon has been predicted as having one of the best viewing spots of the eclipse in the country. The Associated Press reports every hotel in town is booked, residents are renting out their homes -- some for $3,000 a night. The AP also reporting hotels in Casper, Wyoming are charging five times their normal rates. NPR reports Hopkinsville, Kentucky has spent 10 years and more than half a million dollars preparing for the event.