IRS: Summertime Scams to Watch out for

Even though tax filing season is over, the IRS is warning taxpayers about tax-related scams to be wary of this summer. The IRS says be on the lookout for scams tied to the EFTPS, or Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, robo-call messages, private debt collection and people with limited English proficiency.

In the EFTPS scam con artists call people saying they are from the IRS and two certified letters mailed to the victim were returned as undeliverable. The scammer then threatens arrest if the payment isn’t made immediately with a prepaid debit card.

Con artists are also leaving robo-call messages telling the victims that if they don’t call back a warrant will be issued for their arrest. People who respond to the messages are told to make an immediate payment by a prepaid debit card or by wire transfer.

The IRS says they began sending letters to a group of taxpayers whose overdue federal tax accounts are being assigned to one of four collection agencies. The IRS says taxpayers should watch out for scammers posing as private collection firms. The IRS says their authorized firms will only be calling people about tax debt a person has had for years and is aware of.

According to the IRS, taxpayers with limited English proficiency have been targets of phone scams and email phishing schemes where scammers threaten victims in their native tongue with deportation, police arrest and license revocation. They victims are told they owe the IRS money and must pay it immediately though a prepaid debit card, gift card or wire transfer.

The IRS says they usually first mail a bill to any taxpayer who owes taxes and it should be an immediate red flag if someone calls and demands immediate payment or threatens to bring in law enforcement to arrest a taxpayer for failing to pay taxes.