U.S. Airstrike Could Have Killed Hundreds of Civilians

A U.S. Commander says it's possible a March 17 American airstrike killed hundreds of civilians in Mosul. According to NPR, if it's true -- it will be the deadliest attack by the U.S. since it joined Iraqi and Syrian soldiers in the fight against ISIS in 2014.

The New York Times reports a senior commander says an American airstrike caused a collapse of a Mosul building, which led to the death of hundreds of civilians. Iraqi News reports an investigation into the attack will look into whether the airstrike possibly set off explosives set by Islamic State militants inside or near the building, which led to a bigger explosion. The senior commander told the The New York Times the ammunition they used shouldn't have been enough to take down an entire building.

Meantime on Wednesday, in the battle for Mosul, Iraqi special forces are closing in on a landmark mosque in Mosul, as ISIS militants continue to fight back.