Gig Harbor, Washington Dentist, Dr. Rhonda Savage on Uptown Dental’s Many Patient Services

One of life’s challenges can be finding the right dentist. Patients can be very nervous about finding a dentist who will meet their needs and make them feel confident. Dr. Rhonda Savage understands that finding good dental care can make patients nervous. Her office makes patients feel warm, comfortable, and well cared for, so that their experience with a dentist will be a good one.

Dr. Rhonda Savage

Dr. Rhonda Savage

But Dr. Savage and Uptown Dental offer more than warm feelings. She offers patients the latest and best technology to provide the level of care patients deserve. She works with patients who have sleep apnea and TMJ problems, and she uses high technology to help with diagnosis and treatment. Uptown Dental uses CT scans to analyze a patient’s mouth to spot problems. Dr. Savage also provides dental implants for patients who need them.

One thing that sets Uptown Dental apart from other practices is the level of technology available to help patients. One such item is the CariVu three-dimensional imaging device that provides an alternative to dental x-rays. Uptown Dental also uses the Identafi® oral cancer screening device. Dr. Savage points out that patients should have an oral cancer screening at every check-up, something her practice provides.

Dr. Savage also uses saliva testing to check for a number of problems, including a patient’s exposure to the viruses that cause head and neck cancer. Tests will also find gum disease and help to determine whether a patient’s family has a genetic risk of developing gum disease.

The CT imaging has a number of benefits. Dr. Savage can get a three-dimensional picture of a root canal that is causing problems for a patient. The CT imaging is also helpful in working with implant placement and TMJ analysis. CT imaging can provide an airway picture of a sleep apnea patient. Uptown Dental also uses cold laser and ultrasound in the treatment of TMJ problems.

Dr. Savage is enthusiastic about her work. “I love dentistry. I’ve been in it for many years, and it’s just incredible what we can help [our patients] with.”

Dr. Rhonda R. Savage, DDS, CSP, owner of Uptown Dental Gig Harbor in Gig Harbor, Washington. She has almost four decades of experience in the field, including service as a dental assistant and a Navy dentist during the years of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In addition to providing excellent general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services, Dr. Savage focuses on the total health and well-being of her patients with the TruDenta® system of pain relief. Because she believes that when patients sleep well, they are generally healthier, Dr. Savage provides diagnosis and treatment of snoring and/or sleep apnea, as well as treatments for TMJ Dysfunction (TMD), migraine headaches and/or tension headaches. The Legal Broadcast Network is a featured network of Sequence Media Group.