Democrats Urgently Push to Stop Betsy DeVos Confirmation

Democrats are in a frantic push to keep Betsy DeVos from being confirmed as education secretary. Her confirmation vote is scheduled for noon Tuesday.

Fox News reports the chamber appears to be locked in a tie at a 50-50 vote.
According to Fox News, if that happens Vice President Mike Pence will cast the historical tie-breaker vote.

The Hill reports DeVos has lost two GOP votes and every Democrat is expected to vote against her. Democrats just need one more Republican vote to defeat DeVos' nomination...and they are furiously trying to make that happen.

The Hill reports Senator Elizabeth Warren said "it is difficult to imagine a worse choice," for education secretary than DeVos.

Opponents say DeVos' support of private school voucher programs hurt public education, but supporters say her plans will provide more choices and opportunities for students.