Holiday Gift Ideas for the Retiree in Your Life

Retirees can be hard to shop for. They usually have everything they need and want after years of buying stuff...and different priorities or perspectives on life than people still doing the 9 to 5 thing. So with the holidays coming up -- here are some gift ideas for the retiree in your life, according to a U.S. News & World Report article by staff writer, Emily Brandon.

Social experiences. Retirees have more time on their hands and don’t usually have daily contact with others, like working people do at the office, so give them a gift that leads to interaction with others. One idea the article mentions is giving a retiree a gift certificate to a restaurant and suggesting they host a reunion with old friends or co-workers.

Experiences with grandchildren. Give them tickets to fun places where they can make memories with their grandkids. The article adds, for busy parents -- the outing can also be a bonus day of babysitting for the gift-giver.

Consumable gifts. No matter what age you are you need to eat, but why not give them a food experience they haven’t had before? Gift certificates to a fancy restaurant or maybe an annual subscription for cheese or wine.

Boost their health. Show your loved one how much you care by giving the present of a healthier lifestyle. Give them a gym membership or if your retiree is tech savvy inclined go for a wearable fitness tracker.

Learning. With more time on their hands, retirees can finally learn whatever it is they wanted to during their working life. Some ideas are dance lessons, art lessons or a guitar class. Of course, make sure it’s something they’re interested in doing first.

Hobby gifts. Help your retiree continue his or her hobbies. Buy them gardening supplies or golfing gear, for example.

Encouragement. The U.S. News article says after a few years of retirement, some people need a new sense of purpose so give them sessions with a career or retirement coach.

Relaxation. You’re never too old to be pampered. A giftcard to the spa or the salon can be just what a retiree needs.

Mementos. Sentimental gifts can be powerful and meaningful. Give the retiree in your life framed pictures or albums of friends or loved ones. There are plenty of services and stores that produce quality photo books and framed photos from your selected digital photos.