Navy Has a New Way to Detect Enemy Ships in the Pacific

The U.S. Navy will be sending a new high-tech sea drone to detect enemy ships and other targets at sea in the Pacific.

The Navy has been working with Northrup Grumman to develop the Triton unmanned aircraft system. Northrup Grumman said in a statement the drone, called the MQ-4C, will provide real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance over vast ocean and coastal regions.

The Triton Program Manager told Scout Warrior, "Triton is tracking with its baseline configuration which will be used for an initial operational employment in spring 2018."

Northrup Grumman said the Triton drone will be supported by land-based command and control mission planner and sensor operators. The Triton will be equipped with a mission sensor suite that provides a 360-degree coverage on all sensors, “providing unprecedented maritime domain awareness for the U.S. Navy.”